So we went out to De Dutch for Leigh’s birthday today. We planned to meet at 9am – for anyone who knows me and Emma, we are usually just finished getting dressed at that time. So it was an early start for us. Anyway, Leigh was already there with her 2 kids, plus Maryanne and her 2 kids, plus Jill, who is 6 months pregnant, then I arrived, 9 months pregnant with my kid, and then Dawn came with her 2 kids. So there we are, 5 girls with 7 kids. 6 of the kids were girls (lucky boy!) and 3 of them are under a year. Let’s just say it was a noisy morning. It took forever to get organized, forever to order, forever to get our food, and then only 10 minutes to eat, because by the time we got it all we were all famished. A few of the orders were also incomplete when they came – for example, I ordered Emma the applesauce pannekoek off the kids menu, which says applesauce, cinnamon, sugar and whip cream. So her pannekoek came with a little bowl of applesauce. That was it. I mentioned it to the waitress, "Isn’t there supposed to be whip cream and cinnamon and sugar?" "Oh, you wanted all that?" No, I didn’t and that’s why I pointed it out to you on the menu. That happened to 2 other orders where they didn’t come with everything and she was like, oh I didn’t know you wanted all that. Well why put it on your menu if it’s not standard? Seriously… she was very nice and all considering the noise and mess we made, but c’mon, if it’s listed on the menu you shouldn’t have to ask for it… Anyway, it was fun but a lot of work with all those kids.

Maybe I’ll have 2 tomorrow…


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