beautiful day

What a gorgeous day! It’s amazing how one nice day can make up for months of crappy weather. John left at 6 to go skiing so after sleeping in (Emma didn’t get to bed until 10 last night) Emma and I got up to a lot of sunshine. We went to the market for produce and they were having their 4 year anniversary which meant a free bag of oranges, a balloon for Emma, and a spin of the prize wheel, which won us some grapefruits. Then the bakery was giving out samples and having a sale so we got some good things for lunch. Then we headed to the park to watch my brother’s rugby game. Mostly I spent the time chasing Emma and trying to get her to eat some snacks and drink since it was so hot. What a great day to be at the park! My brother’s team won their game which means they’re in the playoffs, and we got to soak up some Vitamin D. Then we headed to Babies R Us for some last minute baby things and Emma fell asleep on the way home. John was still in Whistler when we got home to Emma got to make use of her sidewalk chalk (finally!) in the backyard while I made us dinner. I had a craving for egg salad so that’s what I ate. And now Emma’s on her way to bed with dad and we finally get an evening to chill out!

Tomorrow Avery will be 1 month old – amazing! Our baby should be on it’s way out any day now. And after finishing my shopping today, I feel totally and completely "ready". The house is neat, the fridge and pantry are stocked, the diapers and blankets are stacked, the bassinet and carseat are clean, and our bags are packed. So now it’s go time!


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