Just when you think it’s all ready, then Monday rolls around. Monday’s are usually my quick clean days, where I vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, wipe the door handles & light switches, water plants, change the sheets and towels, and clean the changetable & diaper pail. All of it takes about an hour and a half to two hours, which gets broken up over the day with cooking, laundry, playing with Emma and naptime. This is not heavy duty cleaning but what we call "Home Blessing" – it’s just light housework to keep everything tidy. Then during the week I tackle more deep cleaning jobs each day. Anyway, Leigh came over with her kids so I didn’t bother, knowing it could just get messy again. And boy I was right – toddlers are messy! Especially when they play outside in the dirt and then bring it back inside. And especially when their mommies are scrapbooking and paper gets all over the floor. And most especially when mommy makes couscous for dinner and gets to enthusiastic with the fluffing of it and sprays it all over the counter and floor. So Tuesday will be Home Blessing day… I did manage to water the plants though.

I’m slowly but surely starting to add a few more pictures to the photos section – hope you’ll take a look!


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