a free minute

So little Caelyn is 8 days old now. She is a wonderful baby, easy going and mostly sleeping. Emma is slowly adjusting to this new life. It’s a bigger change for her than for us. It didn’t help that she developed a sinus infection as soon as she came home and for 3 days was running a high fever, even up to 104. It’s broken now, and she’s just dealing with the runny eyes and nose. Being two isn’t easy, and being two, sick and having to deal with this new baby that suddenly takes up a bunch of mommy and daddy’s time (and lap and arms) makes it even harder. Emma’s moody, temperamental, defiant and sad a lot of the time. She’s also very interested in Caelyn though, loves to hold her and kiss her and look at her little body. But each day as we slowly get back to normal (ha!) routine she’s getting more like herself.

The amazing thing is having Caelyn makes us realize how big Emma is. And having Emma makes us realize how fast Caelyn will change and grow. Being second time parents means that we can relax a lot more and not worry about her sleeping, crying or feeding. Caelyn is a great feeder and sleeper, and after a few slow bladder days, seems to be on track with that. After having done so much research with Emma in regards to schedule/routine, sleeping etc, I feel like an expert (of course, what parent doesn’t?) but Caelyn has really been setting her own routine and it’s terrific!

I’m working on the pics and will post some by the end of the weekend. Thanks for checking in!


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