such a patient girl

So today is day 2 where John went to work and I had both girls for the morning/day. Yesterday I had all day, and today was just the morning. And it seems to be working… Caelyn and Emma both went to bed before 8 and Caelyn sleeps until I feed her before I get into bed. She actually sleeps in our bed with us after this feeding just like Emma did and I love it. She such a quiet, snuggly sleeper, and nursing is just so much easier at night when you just roll over and there she is. And then this afternoon she surprised me. After being quite fussy for awhile, not really sleeping long and nursing lots, she lay down in her bed and drifted off. Yay! Emma is spending the afternoon with her cousins and so will come home with energy burned off. Each day she returns to her self, although it’s deceiving because at the same time as she’s adjusting and settling in, she’s growing and maturing and becoming more and more a toddler with attitude. So her old self is not really her old self… Caelyn really is patient with Emma, letting Emma hold her and kiss and snuggle her, not fussing when Emma pokes her or sings her songs really loud to her. Last night she calmly lay on the floor outside Emma’s room while I sang Emma her bedtime songs and finished tucking her in.


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