almost a month

It’s hard to believe that Caelyn isn’t a month old yet and that she is almost a month old. On the one hand I feel like she’s always been here and it’s wonderful. On the other hand, it’s been going so fast. She’s such a sweet little baby. Last night she slept next to me nuzzled up to my side and under my arm. It forced me to sleep on the edge of the bed for most of the night, but it sure is nice to have a baby be totally content and comfortable because she’s near you. Emma is her ever verbal self, being a big help to open Caelyn’s presents and exclaim, "oooh, gorgeous! Woah!" She always let’s people know where "my mommy and my baby and my daddy" are. Last week she took to changing her doll’s diaper about 50 times in a row, sticks the doll on her chest to feed her and wants to pump milk for her baby and dolly. It’s cute. When I pick her up in one are with Caelyn in the other she says to me, "You got two girls." Yes, I do.

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