die computer die

Aren’t they supposed to make your life easier? We bought a new computer a few months ago and it gave us nothing but headaches for the last 6 weeks. I finally got through to tech support and guess what… had to reformat the whole thing and start over. Luckily we have a good backup system so nothing lost except time time time… So it finally gets up and working and I get all our documents and photos restored and start to reinstall the programs… and the stupid program this morning crashes the installer. When I re-run the setup utility to Modify, Repair or Remove the program, it doesn’t work. I can’t uninstall it from Windows Control Panel. I even tried just deleting the folder from Program Files, but that didn’t work either. And if I do a System Restore than I have to reinstall my virus protection an dgo through that registraiton hassle again. Argh!
On the other hand, I’m starting to get a bit more time on my hands. Caelyn sleeps a lot and when she isn’t feeding or crying from being gassy, tired or changed, she is quite a content little babe. And still not even a month old! When Emma was born, it was mid-January and the darkest deepest part of winter so I didn’t mind being cooped up in the house as much. Plus recovering from surgery… This time both Emma and I need to get out more for our sanity and plus it helps Caelyn have a good long nap in the day since her other daytime sleep can be short (or long… there’s no real pattern yet.) And being the middle of May we should be able to go the the promenade or park every other day. NOT. It’s pouring. And cold. And dark outside. Like it’s February. It SUCKS. And so I spend time on my computer, aggravated at it’s GUI operating system (I have a strong dislike for Vista) which mocks me when I can’t perform the operations I want to…oh well, there’s always Ebay and Craigslist. I’ve even sold some stuff which means I have $$ to buy stuff. And what girl isn’t made happy from that? Or three girls Smile

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