I love Craigslist, Ebay & Freecycle

Why do I love thee, oh internet wonders of buying and selling… because my junk is somebody else’s treasure, and other people’s unwanted wares are my new favourite things… I have managed to sell a bunch of books I got for free, baby bottles I couldn’t return (for the price I paid, no less!), give away software that was good but not needed… I have purchased slings and strollers, jewelry and DVDs, books and have my eye on all sorts of other things. I don’t have patience to sell and ship through Ebay so I sell on Craigslist. If I can’t find what I need to buy on Craigslist (or the price is ridiculously high) than I bid on Ebay. And Freecycle is just a good tool for exactly that – freecycling. In praise of consumerism? Not really, but it sure feels good to give a deal or get a deal.

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