finally spring has sprung… for now

Yesterday John & I went with Caelyn over to Sidney by the Sea on the island for a "celebration of life" event for John’s old boss. Emma stayed with her cousins, having a grand ol’ time in the sunshine. We had a terrific time too – we were only there overnight but it was a nice little getaway. The celebration was very informal and low-key – lots of the guys friends and colleagues sharing stories and music and drinks and food. We stayed in the lodge where it was held which was convenient because I got tired and needed to put Caelyn to sleep and John wanted to keep socializing. This morning we headed into Sidney for brunch and a stroll. It was such a nice, sunny day that it was perfect. We headed back on the 1 o’clock ferry and visited at the cousins for a bit when we picked up Emma. Then we headed home, picking up a free slide on the side of the road (free is usually good) for John’s brother’s backyard. Quick pizza dinner and then John took Emma swimming to the local outdoor pool that just opened while I nursed Caelyn and researched ring slings (again). Now the kids are in bed, I’ve bought a sling (from, John’s wrapping a wedding gifts, and we have an evening to actually watch a movie. Nice!

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