summer prep

Oh how good it feels to be waxed. Did I just say that? The waxing itself, of course, is not so feel good. Not that it feels bad – I’ve been going regularly enough now that hair grows in sparser and the waxing doesn’t sting as much as it used to. But the post-wax-hair-free-good-feeling. That can’t be beat. Well, except maybe by Caelyn’s sweet milk breath. Or her soft skin. Or her smiles. Or her coos. Or the way Emma says, “Caelyn, Caelyn. I love you.”
Caelyn’s 5 weeks old today. Even though she still kind of looks and curls up like a newborn, she’s definately starting to come out of that and become a baby. She’s looking intently at things and faces, is starting to coo, smiles more frequently, and is starting to lose her newborn cry and just sound pissed off. Emma is still torn between being the big girl and being the baby. She’s doing pretty well with the potty, but is insisting more and more to be carried. Right now, she’s downstairs with John being a big girl by playing pirate ship battles. At the moment, we have two toy pirate ships which have working cannons and Emma loves to shoot John’s ship. Caelyn’s only 5 days old here, but already she’s looking at the ship and holding a Lego man in her hand. Gotta train them early I guess!
Caelyn 121

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