sunny days, sweeping the clouds away

So it seems that spring has finally sprung… at the end of May. In any case, the days have been beautiful and John’s been able to take Emma swimming at the local outdoor pool. It’s the days of BBQ’s, walks to the park, sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses, and of course, bathing suits. What! I’m only 6 weeks postpartum thank you very much, so I will NOT be wearing one of those anytime soon. However, I did do my first exercise today (besides walking and Kegels) in the form of a 10 minute "Flat Belly Fast" postnatal workout. Yay me. I’ll also be joining Stroller Boot Camp again this summer. Yes, you read that right STROLLER boot camp. And it is hard. I did it last summer (why again did I wait 18 months post-Emma?) but got pregnant halfway through (I didn’t know of course) and so in the third week of classes, I kept saying, why is this so frickin’ hard; isn’t it supposed to get easier? This summer will be different, as we are NOT planning on another kid for a while. Like until Emma’s in school. Maybe high school.

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