angry teeth

Anyone who’s a fan of Toystory probably remembers the part where Mrs. Potato head is packing Mr. Potato head and says, "I’m packing your angry eyes, just in case." Well, Emma does a little thing we call angry teeth. When she’s getting frustratred and aggressive, she clenches her teeth and sometimes grinds them. This usually happens about 1 minute before she wallops someone. So we’ve been trying to teach her about her own bio-feedback – if she understands how she feels by the face she is making, eventually she will learn to recognize her frustration before she lashes out. I know, she’s only a toddler, so she’s going to be emotional anyway… but it’s like potty training. You teach  them about their bodies and physical feelings and so they learn to recognize the signs of it before it happens.
Anyway, that’s not my point. Handling a newborn and toddler is tough. caelun’s getting to the point where we’re tyrying to guide her into a more regular routine including regular naps – ideally in her bed, but for now I’ll be happy if she sleeps for more than 20 minutes anywhere. The trickiest part is while I’m calming her and getting her to sleep, Emma is demanding my attention. Sometimes Caelyn will be finally drifting off and Emma decides it’s the perfect time to race down the hall yelling and slamming the door. Or she is quietly playing in her room while I put Caelyn down, but then I find out she’s taken the liberty of climbing the furniture to get the high up things (she lubed herself up with lotion last night). So I sometimes get frustrated too. Well, one day she caught me and said,"Those are your angry teeth, mommy." I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. I hate not being a patient, playful mom because I’m so exhausted. My head is foggy, my allergies are acting up, my back, feet, neck and hip ache. Yeah yeah, welcome to motherhood again, I know. I’m not actually whining or feeling sorry for myself. Just some days are harder than others.

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