My poor babies are sick right now. Well, Caelyn is sick – she caught a cold from Emma. Emma caught is somewhere last week, I think from her cousins. She woke up with a high fever 2 nights in a row last week and all she wanted besides for me to take her temperature was milk. More milk. And still more milk. So I stayed home from church with them yesterday – the nursery is a great place to spread even more germs around and make everyone else sick! Caelyn sounds so congested when she nurses, and has been coughing too – it’s such a little sound! Breaks my heart to see them suffer. Hopefully John and I are spared. On the other hand, the weather has FINALLY been perking up and we’ve been walking quite a bit latelySun. Which means shopping. Becuase c’mon, what’s the use in walking if you can’t buy stuff? Just kidding, we love to walk and Emma gets to get out of the buggy and run so it’s giving her some energy burning. Caelyn is starting to have more awake and content time, so it’s nice to get out with her now – most of the time!
And thank you oh wonderful husband of mine. He shampooed our carpets on Saturday and it looks great! Makes me smile to see a bright carpet. Happy Father’s Day – we love you!Red heart

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