independance day

Last night we headed down to Birch Bay for the weekend. After we had a fantastic steak dinner (I LOVE BBQ!) and the kids were in bed (ah! kids!) we sat out on the roof to watch the July 4th fireworks. If you’ve never seen fireworks in the US on independence day, you are MISSING OUT! The ENTIRE horizon is lit up for HOURS. The booming starts around 5pm and keeps on going until midnight. It was AWESOME! Every other average Joe has a fireworks display in his yard, not to metion the professional ones. Literally thousands of fireworks are going off everywhere. And this was just a little sleepy harbour town… and fourth of July also means SHOPPING! Because the sales are awesome. We spent the whole day at the outlet mall without meaning too. And brought back a new wardrobe for me and the kids. Even John got in on the action. He bought almost as many shoes as I did Surprised
And then Caelyn laughed today! For the first time! It was adorable. She is sooooo cute I want to kiss her all the time. And Emma just keeps getting smarter and funnier. She makes up songs and jokes now that are cute – funny to her of course and just cute for us. And she talks. And talks. And talks. ALL DAY LONG. If you don’t spend a lot of time with Emma, you may not know it. You may just think she’s having a chatty day. No, everyday is a chatty day for Emma. She wears me out. I love it but it’s exhausting. She has a running commentary on everything, has to ask questions about everything, likes to recall all sorts of things that she remembers and has just entered the "Why?" stage. I can hardly keep up! At least she still naps. Caelyn is also becoming a more regular napper and I can even get them both sleeping at the same time. Like tonight – Emma was in bed by 8, Caelyn asleep by 8:10, Emma stopped chattering at 8:30. Now the house is blissfully silent since John’s at soccer. Which means I get to take a bath and go to bed. Sweet! Sleeping half-moon Oh wait… I have to unpack all that shopping…

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