summer lovin’

make that lovin’ summer. Sunshine (finally), lollipops (not really), and rainbows (a few). We just came back from a night in Point Roberts. Nice to get away to the beach… but then again, is it really worth all the work for one night away? With two kids now, we have to pack up a playpen and bedding, clothes for four people, diapers and wipes, toiletries, toys, books, golf clubs, shoes, passports, pillows… then we have to upack it all, spend the night, pack it all up again and then upack it at home. Not to mention the border lineup and the cleanup of the house there. So it’s kind of a getaway… but for one night… The reason we went was because John was golfing there today with his dad, cousin and brother. So we came down with his parents on Friday. But Friday night we had dinner plans, so Emma stayed in PR and we went for dinner. On the way back to POint Roberts (after stopping at home because John forgot to pack) we made a wrong turn. So we turned around. Then we realized Joh nhad forgotten the golf clubs. So we had to go back home and get them and then go back. We didn’t get into bed until well after midnight, and his tee-off was at 8:10. Not to mention we were sleeping in the same room as Emma, who woke up in the middle of the night…. so it wasn’t super restful. And now, the kids are sleeping, dinner is done (including dishes, yay bbq!) and John is at soccer. So here I am alone, exhausted, and faced with a mound of laundry and unpacking. I need a holiday from my holiday weekend. And so Sunday is tomorrow. Day of rest? I wish! Second Sunday of the month is Lord’s Supper, Communal Lunch and Family Sunday. So we leave the house at 8:30 and are not home until after bedtime. Then it’s Monday. I’m getting cranky just thinking about it. Actually, I look forward to Monday since it shoudl be a quiet day!

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