3 months

So my beautfiul baby Caelyn is just that – a beautiful baby. Technically, since she is now past the 3 months mark, she is no longer a newborn. She is a happy baby. Chubbier than Emma was (yes, she has a little bit of chub!), smiley, thumb-sucking, emma-adoring little Caelyn. She loves to take showers with Dad, spit up on mom, stare at Emma… she is sweet and peaceful with a cry that, if you don’t attend to her in a timely fashion, can turn from mewling to piercing very quickly.
Emma is a true 2 1/2 year old. If it’s true that the toddler years are a foreshadow of what you can expect in the teenage years, we are going to be well seasoned when Caelyn turns teen… Emma is very strong-willed and spirited, bright, friendly, outgoing, busy… she has an incredibly memory and loves to put you to the test. She also adores Caelyn, thinks that having a "girls’ room" is good, and has been diaper free in the day for weeks now.
And so life is going pretty good. Adjusting day by day to routine is hard for all of us though, especially the mornings. How to get myself and 2 kids up, clean, dressed, fed and out the door some days is a miracle. We are constantly late these days even though I plan ahead. Oh well, punctuality will come.

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