end of summer

So fo course I haven’t been able to keep up blogging this summer. Whyever would that be with a 2 1/2 year old and 4 1/2 month old… gee I don’t know! Our beautiful, rambunctious, forever talking, never stopping Emma has started a new phase. It’s the dreaded toddler sleep regression. Remember how we "conquered" sleep with Emma? and then has 2 blessed years of a 10-12 hour sleeper? That is all over now. She wakes up more in the night than Caelyn. She also needs quite a bit of coddling for bedtime too, as in someone sleeping with her or sitting next to her until she falls asleep. I know it’s a phase, and it’s made up of all kids of different things: natural increase in imagination leading to constant brain activity (Emma’s never been good at winding down or turning off), Caelyn in general and Caelyn in the crib in the same room, not having Mommy 24/7 anymore, summer disruption of a normal and sane routine… it all kind of collided into this amazingly spirited toddler who will literally be falling asleep on her feet but won’t actually sleep until you stay with her. Have I mentioned she’s a fighter? Here’s hoping that the busy routine of fall will help settle it all down again.
Caelyn has become quite the chatty and playful little babe. She is grabby, cooing and smiling almost all the time. She’s a lightweight, as Emma is, but healthy and happy. Since my computer is back from the fritz, I’ll be able to upload some pics soon.

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