Doesn’t is suddenly feel like fall? Then again, I was pretty hot today. Labour Day always feels like it’s goind to be the end of something and the start of something else. Well, in our case, it’s the start of a new, saner (I think!) family routine. Oh wait. Except we’re going away next week. So yeah, as soon as I spend a week doing the new routine with Emma, it’s going to change because she’ll be staying with grandparents and aunties while we’re gone. So maybe it will settle when we’re back. Basically, the new routine involves an outing to the Y everyday, to a class for either myself or Emma, earlier breakfast and bedtime, no nap, and designated quiet time. Will it work? We’ll see…
As to our holiday, we’re heading to Montreal – yeah! I’m super excited because I’ve always wanted to go. We went to Quebec City a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely. Of course, we’ll have Baby Cae with us, but I think she’ll be a good traveller like Emma was/is. Oh wait. Except she’s teething. And she’s by far a worse teether than Emma. And it’s only been a week or two. With Big E, we never really knew she was teething, she just cut ’em and they appeared. Oh sure she was restless, cranky and fussy from it, but not like Little C. She screams. Like for an hour and a half last night. And that was after Tylenol… sigh.
We posted some new pics on Facebook, be sure to check them out! It’s easier than posting them here.

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