Fall into Montreal

Last week John and I were in MOntreal for 8 days – it was wonderful! We only took Caelyn (she flies free) and Emma stayed with her grandparents for a few days and then her aunt and uncle for week. And what a week! For her, a chance to be the centre of attention for awhile and a week to break her of her procrastinating bedtime habits. A week of fun and activity for her. For us, a week of vacation in a great city. A week where our baby turned into our Caelyn. A week of eating, sleeping in, shopping, museuming, and enjoying. And now we’re back to normal life. And it really is settling into normal life. Caelyn is such a sweet little baby and really is settling into a good routine. It helps that we’ve got a regular routine now, We go the Y everyday for either my fitness class or Emma’s toddler class. She LOVES it. It’s like pre-preschool. And for me, I’ve signed up for classes which is the only way I’ll stick to a workout routine and get my butt (literally) back in shape. I’ve started to cook a bit again (a delicious curry here, and nice casserole there) and have even considered starting to scrapbook again (egad!). The weather is turning chill and that means fall is in the air – actually tomorrow I believe!
And so life goes. Can you believe Caelyn’s 5 months?

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