Caelyn’s been a miserable mess for the last few days and yesterday her first 2 teeth came through! Well that explains it. She is definately a rougher teether than Emma was so it’s almost new territory for us. With Emma, pop in a few teething pills, rub on the Anbesol, she was good to go. Caelyn? Tylenol. Teething Pills. Anbesol. Frozen teething toys. Nursing. We try it all. Nothing works when she’s shrieking. And I mean ear-piercing shrieking. Today after all the meds she didn’t even want to nurse. I pull her up and she just cries and pushes away. That’s how much it hurts. She bites, pulls her ears, arches, and turns to and shrieks as if to say, "Make it stop!" Poor girl. It also causes her to get really warm, so besides being in pain, she has trouble falling asleep because she gets too hot. If I take off her sleepsack though then she gets cold at night while she’s sleeping. And the other morning she was up at 5:30 and would NOT go back to sleep. Those chompers really make her restless. Even now she’s still fussing in bed even though she’s all fed and dry and drugged. And tired.
And then she makes you laugh. John was carrying her while he was fixing dinner and he picked up the bowl of marinating steaks with the other hand. Well, she took one look at it and decided it looked good so she stuck her hand right in it. And it felt so good she smiled. Then she put that hand on John’s clean shirt. It was pretty funny.

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