home renos

Today is the day we start our renos. Nothing too big, putting laminate through the whole main floor and painting. Eventually we’ll do new kitchen counters and a new sink but that will probably be later. The point is that we’re actually starting! We bought the flooring so there’s no going back now. John’s out buying putty for the walls so we can patch and sand today and start ripping off the baseboards. It’s going to be tricky with the two kids and dusty but we just want to do it now that we’ve finally made that first step. That’s always the hardest, isn’t it? Like today, I went to my stroller robics class for the first time in weeks. And it’s a hard step to take when I’ve been out of it for awhile. But I feel great now of course. And it’s even sunny. And John’s off for a week. And then we go to Victoria for a few days next week. So what if we are still not getting a lot of sleep (thanks, Baby Cae)? So what if our tropical holiday is only 6 weeks away and I am not nearly bathing suit ready? So what if the kdis and I have been on and off sick for a few weeks? So what if all we have to eat in the house is ground beef and bread?

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