winter is coming

It has been cold lately. Really cold. I don’t mind but our family tends to underestimate the cold that can hit you in the short hop from car to church or restaurant to car or some such thing. People are always giving me strange looks because I often don’t put a winter coat or hat on Caelyn – if she’s in the carseat, it’s too bulky and I just wrap her in blankets. However, I’ve come to realize that the five or ten minutes I have to stand outside the car to get the kids in and buckled is enough to warrant always having a warm coat on now. Much nicer than freezing my butt off. Same with pumping gas. It can take awhile to fill the tank and I get cold. That said, I am really looking forward to going to MEXICO on Saturday. Yup, in five days I will be tanning, not freezing, my butt off. Well, figurately I guess, since I don’t plan to actually do any nude tanning. It is a family trip after all! It’s time for some much needed R & R. And then when we get back on the 9th, it’s in to the full swing of Christmas I guess!

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