Happy New Year

Well, our quiet New Year’s plans turned into a party! D & L moved into a new house last week and since it’s so large (as well as D’s family) they are hosting a rather large party as well. So after 7:30 church we’ll be off to ring in the New Year’s Wassie style. Hopefully the kids will fall asleep on the way there, although they just fell asleep within the last 1/2 hour, so maybe they’re be full of boundless energy. Who knows?
John was working hard on the front stairs today, hopefully they will be fully done by the time he has to go back to work on Monday. It has been really nice having him off work for a week and a half. The kids have enjoyed it, I have enjoyed it, and he has enjoyed it. I always look forward to getting back to regular routine though. Toddler Time and my fitness classes start up next week. And since Caelyn suddenly on Christmas Eve decided to start sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG (like 10-12 hours!) it has really made the days happier since we are all getting more rest. She is such a little personality, lots to say, very active, loves to smile and clap. Emma is still the chatterbox she always was except that her favourite word is "Why?"
Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve verbalized my 2009 goals with a few words instead. They are "shed" and "simplify". They really go together and apply to a lot of areas for life. I plan to shed some things from my calendar in order to simplify my time. We have worked on shedding things from the house in order to simplify daily life. I plan to shed a few pounds in order to simplify my body (so that my injuries heal better). So it’s a start. And I like using these words rather than unattainable goals because they are part of a process that is ongoing but that process is livable. Hopefully we can remember to enjoy the quiddity of life around us instead of rushing from one thing to the next and constantly thinking about what to get done for tomorrow.
May the Lord bless you and keep you all this New Year’s Eve and may He be a light shining throughout your 2009.
Love Maggie

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