pathetic blogger

This is why I shouldn’t give up my day job (oh wait, I don’t have a paying day job…). Anyway, I’m a pathetic blogger. I’m too busy running after my kids to type anything meaningful! I’ve got lots of pictures of them though and a few videos so it’s not like they’re undocumented. Since last post (in January! really now, that’s a long time ago) Emma turned 3, Caelyn turned 1, the weather turned nice, and the play turned out great. We’re 75% done our renos (still would like to do the kitchen) 95% done organizing the garage (like it will ever be 100%), and 100% enjoying life. The girls are great most of the time – c’mon, they’re little – so they are a real blessing. Except when Emma is melting down. And Caelyn is screaming. Ok those are different kinds of blessings. Ah, children, they are a blessing in your old age.

Speaking of age, can it be the big 3-0 is coming up? Not too sure how I feel about that. Just over a month to go. We’d like to go skydiving to celebrate my birthday and then to Vegas again for John’s. Such big plans, who knows what will happen?

Well, this is actually quite a useless little note, isn’t it? Maybe tomorrow something more interesting will happen or I will have more energy to write something that is not completely mind-numbing.

Sorry about that.


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