insensitive jerk

To the insensitive old man who was standing on the bench at the PNE pyro show who kicked (yes, kicked) me not once but twice and then said, "Do you mind, lady?" because I dared to sit on the end of "his" bench with my kids on my lap so they could see the pyro show since we couldn’t see from our previous standing position as aforementioned insensitive old man was standing on the bench which usually is meant for sitting and blocking our view and the view of others behind him… I hope you fall off the next bench you stand on. I hope the next person to whom you are so rude and inconsiderate doesn’t politely move so as not to cause a scene in front of her kids. I hope a security guard sees your terrible actions and makes you leave. I hope you realized that I wasn’t some annoying person vying for a better seat but saw that I had 2 little kids on my lap and was trying to let them see the show and that your wife scolded you and you felt terrible. I hope your grandchildren pee on your lap next time you sit with them. I hope somebody stands in front of you at your next event. I hope the person behind you spills their drink on you. I hope you get to the show too late to get a seat. I hope you got a ticket on your way home. I hope you missed your bus. I hope in some way your actions come back to you. Thank you for wrecking our last few minutes of a great day at the PNE. May you have a terrible week.


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