shopping with the girls

After Gym & Swim at the Y this morning, I took the girls shopping at the new shopping plaza. Lunch was interesting (a multitude of crumbs, napkins, whines over the smoothie, and me apologizing to the girl behind the counter for Emma trying to suck honey out of the honey bottle meant for coffee…) but at least they ate something. The new Indigo has a grand kids area so we spent quite a bit of time hanging out there, and of course I can’t leave without a few things (like 700 stickers!). Then we went to the shoe store to try and get Emma some snow boots and church/Christmas shoes. Well the selection was beyond dreadful. I only bought snow boots, which I was lucky to find. Apparently her feet are a very popular size. Then off to H & M to check out Hello Kitty (who loves it more, me or Emma?) and try and find some accessories for the girls, especially for Christmas. And I found the most perfectly beautiful dress for Caelyn; she even tried it on in the store and ran around in it. Now I know it’s not even Thanksgiving, but having their Christmas clothes done already? Feels darn good.


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