beautiful day

Today the sun is shining. It feels as if spring is on the way. The weather is way too warm to be early February and definitely not Winter Olympic weather. The other night as I said good-bye to my mother at the front door at about 11:00 pm, my nose was suddenly filled with a lovely floral scent.The heather is in bloom. Today I took a short walk with C after lunch and we found crocuses in full bloom.

Yes, you read that right, in full bloom. And I didn’t have my camera today…but I did the other night!

Which got me thinking about how awesome God is. Sure, He’s a God of order. But He’s not a boring God. He’s not a static God. No, He mixes it up so that life is always changing and new. He keeps it fresh everyday.

His Word is like that too. It’s not the same each time you read it even though the words don’t change (much, depending on your translation). Every time I read it I find something new, learn something I didn’t know before, or discover an aspect of His amazing love and mercy that wasn’t clear to me before.

My relationship with God isn’t boring or static either. Each day it’s different. And this afternoon it got a little stronger. Like those crocuses soaking up the sun, each day growing a little more and reaching a little higher.

What do you see in your everyday life that makes you take notice of God and His awesome world?


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