From far and wide, Oh Canada

And it’s official: we are driving across Canada from Vancouver to St. John’s. Sometime in April we pack up the kids and head East across our great land. From province to province we’ll drive, visiting the capitals and taking in the breadth of this beautiful country. The drive across is something like 100 hours – that’s 10 days of driving 10 hours a day! Not how I plan to spend it with the kids. We’re taking about 2.5 – 3 weeks and planning on stopping in at least every capital city (except possibly in PEI and New Brunswick, depends on time) plus a few other choice places like Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. So actually, we’ll be visiting all cities to which I’ve previously been, but that’s ok – we’ve never seen all the space between them! (The territories will have to wait for next time…)

You: And what will you be driving? Your Mazda 5? Your in-laws’ camper? Your parents’ motor home? A mini-van? An SUV?

Me: A prisoner transport.

You: Excuse me?

Me: Yes, you read that right. A prisoner transport.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Yes, it’s true. We’ll be strapping the kids into the luxury crew cab of a six-cell prisoner transport vehicle, destined for St. John’s. It’s like taking a giant time-out wagon with us. Stop bugging your sister. Stop that! Last chance. If you do that again, you’re getting a time-out!

J has a an order for a truck that’s to be delivered sometime in April and the client was planning on flying out their two guys to drive it back (easier for them and cheaper than shipping, I believe). So he jokingly asked them if he could deliver it personally. And they said sure. And he asked the boss. And the boss said sure. And so it’s happening!

We actually have it down in our 5-Year-Plan to do a massive road trip across Canada and/or the USA. Looks like our time has come for at least part of that dream! And so the planning begins. The only thing is, we don’t know the exact dates. I know, how can you plan a trip without dates? Since the truck is on an expedited build schedule, it’s hard to say when it will exactly be done. And the client hasn’t said when it exactly has to be delivered. Just April. That’s all we know. So I’m planning a 18-21 days trip with seriously flexible start and end dates.

Have any of you ever done a trip like this with a 4-year-old and 2-year-old? Any tips, comments, or ideas for us?

Leave a comment and let me know! I look forward to reading them.


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  1. Good for you guys- love the sense of adventure! Advice? Mmmm…lots of little toys, books on CD, music, book of roadtrip games, plenty of snacks and just a touch of Gravol for those long windy roads! Oh and a camera (of course!) All the best! It’s a beautiful country we live in!

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