Valentine’s Day – made it myself

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A celebration of love. Well this year I made a couple of things to celebrate some of the wonderful, lovely relationships in our lives. The emphasis here is on things that were made, not bought.

For the woman in church who just had her second baby girl, we made some soup, heart shaped biscuits and some cookies (see next). The biscuits and cookies were packaged in this bag I made:

I created the design in my word processor (in my case, NeoOffice) and then printed it on a brown lunch bag using my inkjet printer. I got the idea from Twig & Thistle’s Valentine’s Day treat bags (which I also printed).

For my family (and me!) I made some lovely hearts shaped sugar cookies:

In a moment of domestic smugness, I actually made these from sugar cookie dough that I already had in the freezer leftover from E’s birthday a few weeks ago. The recipe is from one of my favourite cookbooks, How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson. Because who doesn’t want to consider herself as such a creature?

For E’s classmates and friends at church we made our own Valentine’s heart cards. We started with some pretty scrapbook paper and used the Cricut (George & Basic Shapes) to cut out the hearts:

Then we glued the hearts onto some heavy red cardstock. Aha! Another moment of smugness – this red paper is left from our handmade wedding invitations from over 6 years ago. I insisted on keeping the skinny scraps all these years and they come in handy! Plus they are a lovely, heavy cardstock in an exquisite shade of red:

E then made them her own by glamming them up the cards with glitter paint:

Voila! Cute handmade Valentine cards with her own personal flair.

For hubby I “made” reservations to attend a marriage conference. This one involves costs for the conference fee and hotel room, but is a great marriage builder and re-engergizer for moms (and dads) who need a break from their brood.

What kinds of things have you made to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show your loved ones how special they are to you?

I look forward to reading your comments!


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