Cultural Olympiad – choral music

Spread over 60 days including over 600 concerts, installations, exhibits and performances from thousands of artists from Canada and the world, the Cultural Olympiad in Vancouver is sure to have someone you’ll enjoy. I’ve gone to two choral concerts and both were awesome.

Last night I went with my mom to the Moscow State Chamber Choir, directed by Vladimir Minin. The incredible wall of sound coming from the choir was rich, lush, and dark. The soloists were all wonderful and the pews of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United were packed. We really enjoyed it.

Of course, it was the same day that Canada won four medals and beat the Russians 7-3 in hockey so the streets were also wildly packed despite the rain. We “strolled” (were pushed, really) around Granville and Robson – there is some great lantern art on Granville that I somehow missed last week.

Two weeks ago J and I went to “Welcome the World” featuring four of Vancouver’s best choirs: my beloved Elektra Women’s Choir (I haven’t sung with them in a few years but am looking forward to returning soon!), Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, Vancouver Chamber Choir, and musica intima. I didn’t mention it back then, but this concert was STUNNING. The choirs started in four corners of the front half of the church and sang two pieces each in kind of antiphonal way without breaking for applause which made for a really neat surround sound experience in several languages. The rest of the concert was just serious enough and just light enough to please and the crowd was sold out. It is truly one of the few events that I have been to that really was deserving of a standing ovation. Bravo and brava! Chor Leoni posted some of the reviews so you can click through to the respective articles.

The Cultural Olympiad continues through the Paralympics until March 21st so be sure to check out the event listings and take in some culture!

(Note: I have a few pictures but I can’t find my camera to upload them so will do soon!)

What have you enjoyed from the Cultural Olympiad so far?

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  1. Hi Maggie,

    Great to read your blog and to know you were at the concert. Funny thing, I was just thinking about you guys this morning. I think it’s because we have your Christmas card on our fridge. Love to all of you and I hope we see each other soon.


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