People skills

Yesterday we were blessed to witness the baptism of our nephew who is just three weeks old. He’s grown since he was born and already looks like a “baby” and not a newborn. He was a sweet thing during the whole service and barely made a peep. Our oldest is 4 and has been coming into the service for a few months now. Usually she’s pretty good, fidgety of course (as all kids are) but she likes the singing and often brings her own Bible to read. She tunes into the pastor every now and then, especially if he’s made a point of speaking directly to the children. And you can tell when she’s paying attention, like yesterday, when she repeated exactly what he had just said in a funny imitation of his voice. Very loudly. The pastor said, “How can we not praise Him?” and Emma repeated it in a growly, strange Kermit-like voice. I could see the guy in front of us shaking with laughter. I started to tear up I was laughing (silently) so hard. J usually doesn’t sit with us (he’s a deacon and they sit at the front with the elders but as we were at our brother and sister-in-laws church he was sitting next to E, trying to tell her to be quiet without laughing himself. It was pretty hilarious.

I also try and make sure to have a pen or pencil and some paper. I might even write few simple words for her to copy but usually she scribbles and draws things. This is what she occupied herself with yesterday:

Notice the anatomically correct ones. I believe some of them also have belly-buttons. So you can imagine when I saw these I started to laugh again and tried to do it very quietly. It was pretty hard, let me tell you. But we’ve got to be careful not to laugh about it in front of her. She’s just learning about these things and is obviously quite interested in drawing (she’s a better artist than I am!). So to crush her little 4-year-old ego would be quite damaging. So instead I get to keep it (I might not frame this one…) and give it back to her when she’s getting married.

I have to say, her people skills are really improving…


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