Steady Days review

I highly recommend Steady Days: A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood by the author of the blog Steady Mom Jamie C. Martin. It’s written in short 1-2 page chapters with really practical ideas about creating a steady routine and ideas to get connected to your kids. The main message of the book is that motherhood requires you to be intentional about the choices you make. Motherhood is a profession and as such should be dealt with accordingly. That doesn’t mean wearing a suit and delegating everything. It means being intentional about how and why you do the things you do. It means respecting your children and spending time with them to educate and nurture the little people that they are. The book includes plenty of sample printables of many of the ideas including: Steady Routine Draft Worksheet, Learning Scrapbook Page, Mission/Vision Statement Worksheet, and Mom’s Favorite Moments Page.

Perhaps the most important thing for me is knowing that the author is a Christian who wrote this for her own children and family and uses the stuff she writes about daily. That speaks volumes to me because then I can read the ideas and understand where she’s coming from. And lastly she never tries to tell you that her way works the best. She constantly reminds the reader that this is what she found works for her family but that each family is unique. The ideas and routines are constantly evolving and she encourages mothers to refine and define until it works.

Because that’s motherhood – it’s not the same everyday. Each child is unique, is day is new, and each experience is different. You are a professional mother. We just need some advice sometimes. This book offers it in a practical, non-judmental, and easy going way.

Have you read it? What did you think?


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