I’ve misplaced my camera…

…which means I can’t show you what kind of week it’s been. I actually took pictures of the mess. It was one of THOSE weeks. J was sick, girls were sick, and now I’m sick. The kind of sick where your head feels stuffed full of cotton. Foggy. Can’t concentrate. Grumpy. Tired.

And still, I made pizza last night for J and I after the girls went to bed and he declared it was about the best pizza he’d ever had. Thank you, Pioneer Woman, for the awesome crust recipe. Thanks, Costco, for the giant package of prosciutto. Thanks, MIL, for the goat cheese. Thanks to my fridge for holding leftovers which made terrific toppings. I made two different combos. One side was olive oil and salt base with leftover sautéed leeks and mozzarella gratin, prosciutto, and crumbled bruschetta goat cheese. The other side was leftover tomato pasta sauce spread thin with thinly sliced zucchini, prociutto, and the goat cheese. Baked in the over for 15 minutes and voila! Designer pizza. Had a beer and watched Battlestar Galactica (we’re in the middle of Season 4) and it was a perfect date night.

Now if only my head would clear up…


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