Letters to government

Dear Hon. Margaret MacDiarmid, Hon. Mary Polak, and Hon. Stephanie Cadieux,

As parents, we are concerned with the direction the province is taking in regards to expanding early learning education.

There is no concrete evidence that shows that full-time kindergarten will actually improve a child’s future success in school. Studies show that there is no discernible difference by age 8 between those with early learning education and those who started later. We have also heard that there are no plans to actually change the curriculum. We feel that it is such a short time that our children are home before full-time schooling begins. Why hurry it? It is important for parents to be with their children and teach them many things about life besides what they will academically learn in school.

Many of the current issues of why parents are interested in switching to full-time kindergarten can be alleviated by switching to 2 or 3 full days per week instead of the current system of half days. This would improve many transportation issues as well as let children experience “full” school days while allowing the children to have the much needed days off to rest and play at hom

For those of us parents who prefer to send our children to part-time kindergarten, we would like the option to keep the current system with government funding. Please consider allowing schools, in consultation with parents, to choose to continue to offer part-time kindergarten with government funding, or to choose the full-time kindergarten option.

Thank-you for considering our request.


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