Easter Eggs

Today we celebrate the most important event in history. Over the course of the last week and a bit, we have used a cute little tool to help teach our girls about the importance of Easter. They’re called Resurrection Eggs:

from Family Life Today

and we got ours from here. Each day we open an egg or two and talk about the significance of each item inside. Last night we opened the final egg in anticipation of today’s special day. It’s a simple, colourful way to instil in our girls the most significant gift that they have ever received. Amid the colourful hard boiled eggs, chocolate bunnies, Chinese tea eggs, and paper rabbit ears we find a deeper, more meaningful Easter. One that gives us hope and brings us great joy. As my big E will tell you, “Don’t be afraid. He is not here. He is risen!” And little C will answer, “Jesus” when you ask her who rode the donkey. It’s all a part of the command of Deuteronomy 6:6-7.

May you enjoy a blessed Easter full of hope and peace. Jesus is alive!


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