blogs, baking, and a birthday

Last week we  sold our house and bought a new house and so now we’re in that weird transition time of waiting for all of the papers to be signed before we officially start packing it in and letting go of our first home. In the meantime, our routine has gone out the window due to excessive cleaning for showings, mid-day inspections, late night realtor meetings, and regular life. And so I haven’t been using my camera much which means no new pics right now.

And amidst it all I found some new blogs to keep me sane:

Centsational Girl

Budget Wise Home

Penelope Loves Lists

I’ve also fallen completely in love with The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Tonight I baked her pizza crust for a fantastic pineapple, red & green pepper, and italian sausage pizza. Last night I baked her famous cinnamon rolls. Divine! A few weeks ago I baked the Red Velvet cake but as cupcakes. Yummy! Go buy it! Go try it! It’s awesome. Oh, and beware. She has butter. Lots of it. And she’s not afraid to use it.

And my little baby Cae is turning two this weekend. Hooray! We’re having a spring themed family brunch with the aforementioned cinnamon rolls, something with eggs and cheese (frittata maybe?), lots of fresh fruit, lovely little bug cookies (from my favourite Nigella Lawson recipe), and of course, cupcakes! I discovered a wonderful store not to far from here that sells all things for baking. I mean all things. You can rent or buy pans of any shape and size. Decorations and cake toppers from the adorable (sugar flowers), sophisticated (dragees and crystal sugar in every colour) to the downright kitschy (little tiki masks, baby soothers or beersteins). Cookie cutters in every shape. Candies, icing and candy making galore! It’s a wonderful place and I plan to go there often. Well, as often as J will let me. After all, we are moving and that’s a big expense.

I’ll make sure to get pics of all the springy, sugary, sweet goodness.

So those are my three Bs for today. Oh yeah, we saw a giant bumblebee today too. I mean, really huge. It was mostly black with a tiny yellow stripe or two. It was about the largest bee I’ve ever seen. The girls were fascinated by it. So four Bs for ya!


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