birthday cake

Our sweet little C is finally two! We had a fun, brunch party on Saturday which went great. Except apparently nobody likes parfait. Didn’t Donkey say that “everybody likes parfait!” Well, we made about 18 yogurt, berry and homemade granola* parfaits in wine glasses for added class. By the end of the party, only 6 had been eaten…. and I ate 2 of them… and J ate 2 of them… so really only 2 of them got eaten by others… which means we’re eating parfait at every meal for a couple days…

Speaking of birthdays for little girls, I stumbled upon these beauties this morning and could not stop laughing. I think this site may become a new favourite! Instead of ruining the surprise with pictures here, though, you just have to click through to here. Be prepared!

*homemade granola is delicious! I found the recipe in one of my favourite books, Ricardo: Meals for Every Occasion.


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