forgot about Make Week

This week, Simple Organic is hosting Make Week which is to celebrate a week of no TV. I think it’s a great idea.

Except E watched Charlie & Lola this morning. I completely forgot. J left on a business trip very early this morning and E woke up so he turned on the DVD (I didn’t protest as I was still half-asleep) before he left to catch his plane. But we did go to the park this afternoon which is unusual for a Monday afternoon. So we made a little bit of life happen anyway!

TV is not huge in our home. Not only do we not have a huge TV (although J wants one in our new house) we don’t have cable, get bad reception on the public channels and therefore hardly watch regular TV. I allow the girls to watch some shows which I choose very carefully based on content, music, message, language, characters etc. Things like Charlie & Lola, Backyardigans, Madeline, Sesame Street, Lumia and Veggietales all make the grade in our house. Little C calles it “teewee” or “moomie”. J and I also watch movies on a much less regular basis than we used to pre-kids (plus I used to work in a movie store. Lots of free movies. Lots. Like 10 a week. ‘nuf said.) But we occasionally get to have an at-home date night with a movie. More often we have been watching our current favourite show on DVD, Battlestar Galactica. Alas, we watched the final episode last week. But there’s still The Plan. And the original series. And the original movie. And the new series, Caprica

All that being said, TV is not on constantly, as I’ve seen in other homes. Nor is it even on every day. When the kids do watch TV it’s no more than about 90 minutes (usually more like 30 or 45) and is most likely first thing in the morning (so I can grab a bit more sleep or finish getting dressed or take a shower or make breakfast) or during dinner prep. It’s rarely on more than once in a day for the girls and rarely at other times than those two. Once in awhile they watch something in the afternoon or when friends come over. But again, that’s not normal. It’s probably not even weekly. So we’ll try to have a TV free week, at least during the day for the girls. I was planning on watching Julie & Julia tomorrow night since I really want to see it and J’s away. I so rarely get a night to myself where I don’t have other things that are absolutely pressing. And since my mother-in-law takes the girls on Tuesday afternoons, I can do all my usual evening stuff then. It’s my personal reward for all of the crazy house stuff that’s happening.

Oh I almost forgot. Some time this morning the girls headed downstairs before me and E turned the DVD player back on. I heard the familiar C&L music and came down to turn it off. I said, “You didn’t ask to watch it and you already watched today. So no more.” She grumped and walked away. Then she came back down the hall with her familiar four-year-old scowl and her arms folded across her chest. “If you keep treating me like this I’m never going to watch TV again.”

Well ok then.


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