Happy Earth Day (yesterday)

I can’t say we did anything special to celebrate Earth Day, but the girls did wear Earth-y shirts! E’s says: Green is the new pink. C’s says: Love our planet.

I did make a fantastic chicken dinner thanks to Rachel Ray: Honey Rosemary Glazed Chicken. Yummy! E loved it. I used some terrific organic chicken breasts from Bradner Farms which made it extra tasty. Be sure to adjust your cooking time according to the thickness of your meat. Mine were quite thick and could have used a bit longer cooking. That said, I probably didn’t heat the oil quite has high as she recommends (smoking). Try it! It’s great.

And good news from J yesterday – the truck has arrived! What truck, you say. THE truck. The chassis on which J’s truck will be mounted. The Prisoner Transport.

Say what?

Yes, the long-anticipated Roadtrip Across Canada is really, actually going to happen. We’re going to leave in two weeks. Yikes! Stay tuned for more updates. Packing for three weeks on the road with the kids is going to be a feat, let the alone the trip itself!


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