Seeing the light

Have you ever felt like your drowning in your life? It’s an incredibly disturbing, depressing and disorienting feeling. When you realize that you have no space left in your heart or brain for anything and what is in there is heavy, weighing you down, making you stumble and drag through the motions…

I’ve never suffered from depression but I can imagine what it must be like. Feeling helpless, lethargic, irritable, discontent. Lately that’s how I’ve been feeling. Just… heavy. Knowing God is out there somewhere but not sure if I can reach Him for the muck.

And then bit by bit the burdens are buoying up. Little by little, the load is getting lighter. Peu en peu the Rescuer reaches out and…

Suddenly the sun shone bright today and I felt light again. Excited by life. Happy. Content. Rescued.

Our God is an awesome God.


2 responses

  1. This reminds me of my favorite story in the bible (I don’t know if you’re Christian, if not, I’m sorry to offend – though I think this applies to any religion or faith). The one where the sick woman touches Jesus’ cloak and is healed, and he asks who touched him. She meekly admits she did, and he simply tells her, “your faith has healed you.”

    It seems that in hard times we can sometimes feel distant from God – but this challenge is when keeping our faith matters the most. Through that faith, we can be healed. Through that faith, no matter how dark the world is, we can be free through God.

    I’m glad to read you are doing well 🙂

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