Roadtrip: Packing

Packing for 29 days on the road in a truck with 2 little kids and a working-on-the-way husband is starting to become the foremost thing in my mind. Not only are we limited in what we can take (have to fly back with it all), we will be loading and unloading almost every day at least some of the gear since we are hotelling it almost all the way. We had originally thought about camping but realized that was going to be more hassle than savings!

So THE BIG LIST is prepared – it’s pretty standard stuff for the most part: clothes, diapers, toiletries, camera. It also included laptop, portable DVD player, GPS, iPod, two cell phones, plus chargers and cables for all aforementioned technology. As well, we’re downloading a fair amount of audio books, podcasts, kids radio shows etc for the the road, as well as taking along a selection of DVDs and movies. And books. And toys. And snacks. In a cooler. And baby carrier. And a playpen. And a double stroller (love my Phil & Ted! It’s lime-green, easy to spot anywhere.) Oh, and two carseats.

Oh my. Where are we going to put all this stuff?

Along the way the truck will have to be washed a number of times as it will be presented at almost a dozen publicity and marketing meetings. And I’ll have to do laundry a few times. (You didn’t think I was going to pack 29 days worth of clothes, did you?) So as with everything else, organization is the key. Especially since the whole loading/unloading everyday is going to be such a pain. We’ll have to work out a system of “overnight” bags that just get their clothes rotated daily for each night.

Last year when we took both kids to Arizona for a week we felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we had to take. And that was when Caelyn’s wasn’t walking either!

luggage for our family

As you can see, we only had 3 suitcases, a carryon each, 2 carseats and a stroller. So add to that another 2 or 3 suitcases (small ones at least, for the girls) plus a playpen…

Am I going to survive this? (I’d like to point out that those are not our carseats. They are loaners from the airline, since they misdirected our seats. We have Radians which are foldable for travel. I would never have thought that the folding aspect would be so regularly used but we fly several times a year with kids. Total space saver!)

At least we travel with stylin’ luggage. J bought the beautiful red Heys set on Boxing Day a few years ago. They’re hard, spinners, and awesome! I bought a couple of adorable Hello Kitty suitcases for the girls a few months ago for 9.99 a piece and a local bargain store. They are carry-on size, rolling and  lightweight and identical except for colour (no picture as camera is away somewhere…) The girls have been dragging them around the house all weekend. Plus since it was Olympic time a few months ago and they were so obsessed with the mascots, I bought them each a mascot luggage tag.

Tomorrow we’ll actually start putting stuff in the suitcases and see what fits where!

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