As in Departure Day. As in leave it all behind for a month and enjoy the open road.

Can you be homesick for a house you no longer own? We return “home” in the first few days of June, but we move to our new house within weeks. So what are we going to be homesick for? The home we know and loved, where both our children were born, the first house we bought, the first garden we tended, the first home renos we undertook… or are we going to be homesick for the new home, new nest, the life we’ll be living there for many years, where hopefully more babies will be born and these babies will grow up.

It’s an interesting question. Maybe we won’t be homesick at all. Maybe we’ll love it out there so much we won’t come home.

Yeah right!

Tomorrow you’ll get to see pictures of the truck in all it’s packed up glory and the first glimpse of our nomadic wanderings. Until then, happy Friday!


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