Day 2: Beautiful BC

We left the HoJo on time at exactly 10 am this morning and headed off to find a grocery store for a few things. We found a little plaza that also had a hair place so J decided to get a quick cut before we were off again. On the little cement courtyard were cotton fluffs blowing in the wind and C thought they were amazing. She was fixated on chasing them and trying to step on them. Normally I would have tried to hurry her up but this time, what was I hurrying for? So I let her have fun. It was adorable! There was even a little old lady watching her, smiling. She was quite the site, chasing these little blowing balls of cotton.

Heading out of Kamloops and along the highway is beautiful. The hills are a different kind of green than the Fraser Valley. It’s not as lush but there’s vegetation everywhere. The hills are funny flat-topped things with copses of trees on the tops and scrubby brush blanketing the sides. Then you enter lake country and every turn gives you a view of a lake. It’s been a beautiful day for driving, sunny and fairly clear, although there was plenty of snow going into Kamloops.

We headed into Salmon Arm for lunch but before town we saw a sign for Gort’s Gouda Cheese Farm. J’s Dutch and the girls are half Dutch, and who doesn’t like Gouda? So we pulled in. A quiet little farm with some cows and sheep and a cute store which sold gouda made on the farm in different flavours (the aged is AWESOME) and other local cheeses from D Dutchmen Dairy, as well as local mustards, honeys, eggs, and non-homogonized milk. We picked up some mild gouda and herbed havarti and the girls watched a video on making cheese. Around the corner was an elementary school. Perfect place for a Saturday afternoon picnic and play session! We enjoyed our cheese with bread and salmon nuggets from the grocery store and then played tag and on the playground for a while before packing it back in for quiet time and nap. The girls started to watch Ice Age 2 and C got about 20 minutes in before she conked out.

When you’re driving a shiny, unmarked, imposing looking vehicle, people stare. They stare as they drive by, they stare as the walk by, they stare as they wait at the cross-walk, they stare as they pump gas. Then they look even harder when they see two little girls climb in and out of it. What is that thing? They must be wondering. Is it an armoured car? When J drove the truck home from the plant for the first time, he was driving beside a little old lady driving a Buick, grinning at him with a big thumbs-up out the window. She yelled out her window That’s a bee-yoo-tee-ful truck! Everybody’s looking atcha! She’s not kidding!

Driving through Glacier, Yoho, and Banff National Parks is really incredible. The mountains are truly spectacular and nothing short of awesome. We spent the afternoon marvelling at God’s amazing creation. We know that we are witnesses to some of the most beautiful scenes in all the Earth. What an amazing Creator! We saw two white moutain goats sparring on the side of the road, a deer, grizzly bear, and a female moose. The bear was across a gully and up a hill. He appeared to be foraging and meandering along the train tracks. He looked at us a few times and after some pictures and a video, J turned on the siren. The bear didn’t even flinch.

BTW, the siren it pretty cool. You can make it wail, chirp, or honk. We’re not really allowed to do it anywhere that it’s going to be mistaken for an emergency vehicle so of course the middle of Banff National Park at a bear in the twilight of the evening was the perfect time…

  • Melodies: The Nylons, Loreena McKennit, lullabies, 2 Chapters of Alice In Wonderland (read by storynory – lovely audiobook!)
  • Miles: 340 (550 km)
  • Meals: HoJo continental breakfast, lovely picnic lunch including homemade cheesecake, Golden Grizzly Cookhouse steak & lasagna
  • Meltdowns: J – 1/M-1/C-3/E-3

3 responses

  1. Maggie, I am enjoying reading about your trip!! What a great way to chronicle your experience. It is sounding like a beautiful adventure!

    The # of meltdowns per day is particularly amusing, though let me assure you that we easily reach that number each day…at home!

    Can’t wait to see you all soon.

    • Hi Rach! We’re not planning on driving through Toronto anymore but we have to stopover on the way home (no direct flights from St. John’s to Vancouver) so if that’s Ok to stay a night or two in the first week of June we would love to!

  2. Hey Maggie,

    We actually have other friends from BC and then some family coming over, so no room in the inn from the last Thursday in May until June 5 😦 But, if it’s the June 5 weekend you are looking at, come on over! Lucas is out of town for work from the 8th, so there’s a short window of opportunity!

    Take a deep breath and continue to enjoy your journey!

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