Day 3: Mother’s Day in Banff

  • Mommy: What do bears eat, Emma?
  • Emma: People!

We checked into the Inns of Banff at 10:30 pm last night and were the girls asleep? NO! Both were wide-eyed and hyper-active so we didn’t get to sleep until around 1 am. This does not bode well for nights to come… and once again, C slept with mommy and E slept with daddy. Let me just point out that just because C is 1/5 of my size does not mean she takes up 1/5 of the room in the bed. No she kicks, rolls, sweats, flails, and sighs all night long. From now on, my sweet, it’s playpens for you.

Our room had a beautiful view of the snowy mountains and we ate a simple breakfast before J took the kids swimming. Because of the late night, we all slept in and therefore missed church. So we’ll be downloading Rev. Wieske’s latest Maranatha sermon since we missed it a few weeks ago.

After checkout we headed into Banff for a stroll and some lunch. The town is beautiful, kind of like a big Whistler. It was a nice afternoon and the sun made the mountains look quite grand, towering over the little town. We had lunch at a popular cafe which featured bread baked in store. The kids enjoyed a bit of time in a toy store and a few minutes in the information centre identifying wild animal tracks. We also picked up some fudge at an amazing candy store that had so many different kinds of Pez dispensers, among other rare and imported sweets. The girls had a hard time picking one but in the end C picked Snow White and E picked Insecto. Yup, that’s what it called, Insecto (from Monsters vs. Aliens, her current favourite movie.). On the way out of Banff we saw three deer having their lunch in someone’s front yard. Must be a pretty common occurrence for no one seemed to mind.

Driving from Banff to Calgary is just over an hour, but the change in landscape is remarkable. It’s quite a sudden change from towering, snow-covered peaks to rolling, grassy hills. Calgary is a huge city. Sprawling suburbia that is quite overwhelming because the flat landscape means that you can see a lot of it at once. We headed up to the Canada Olympic Park to see the ski jumps and see the view of the city. Then we tried to drive to where J is having him meeting tomorrow. Calgary must be doing some major road improvement and additions because we went in many large, sweeping circles. The GPS couldn’t tell where we were half the time because off and on ramps had been closed or opened and new roads built. Once we finally found the address, we looked for something for dinner. Which took us in more circles. Then we tried to find our hotel. And that was cause for major circling of the city. By the time we arrived at our suite, it was 10 pm. However, we are so acquainted with Nose Hill Drive that I think I shall miss it when we leave.

Another late night…

On the positive side, it’s a suite which means the girls are in a separate room. This is incredibly happy-making situation. Plus we get a bit of a sleep-in since J’s meeting is late morning and we have a kitchen (another in room meal). At least this time we have utensils and dishes to eat (this morning we had to improvise with one plastic fork and a few paper cup protectors… trust me, it was not a clean meal.)

  • Melodies: Ear Reverent with Bob Lapine (The Shack), Diana Krall
  • Miles: 100+ (should’ve been more like 80…) (160 km)
  • Meals: cereal & yogurt in hotel room, roasted veggie pizza and sandwiches at Evelyn’s Cafe, pizza and mini-burgers at BP
  • Meltdowns: J-1/M-1/C-6/E-3

PS You can check out our photos by clicking the Shutterfly link on the right sidebar.


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