Day 4: Alberta Highways

  • Daddy: Caelie, do you want some of this yummy cheese?
  • Caelyn, the one-word wonder: No. Duddy (yucky).


  • Server: Do you know what you want to order?
  • Emma: The best cheesebooger ever!

We got to sleep in! Well, as much as we can hope for anyway. We left the 5 Calgary Suites at 9:30 and headed up to the part of Calgary with which we are now so familiar (good morning, Nose Hill Drive!) J pulled into a car wash so the PT would be shiny for the meeting. Oh, except the PT is too tall for a regular carwash. So he had to get a refund and go to the meeting with bugs and mud in view. We’ll be looking for truck washes from now on.

Mom and the girls headed off to…

Wait for it…






Yes, our grand adventure takes us to Wal-Mart. At least the girls had fun. They watched Avatar on all the TVs in the AV section. Abatah! One-word wonder happily chanted for the rest of the day. They had fun playing in the toy section before we walked over to London Drugs! Oh, the fun of it all! The things we are seeing and doing that we can’t see and do at home! (insert sarcasm here)

Lunch was a quick affair at the Second Cup next door and then we hit the highway to Edmonton. We stopped just outside Red Deer for le goûter (afternoon snack) at a rest stop which turned out to be a park along the Waskasoo River with an attached horse ranch. There was a great playground for the kids and they even got to see a cowboy riding in the corral. E asked if they could pet the horse so he came closer to the fence. C was a bit wary when the horse stuck its head over the fence. Then the horse snorted in her general direction. She freaked out, turned around and ran about 4 feet before she buried her head in her hands and just cried. Meanwhile, E was trying very carefully to pet the horse’s muzzle. C did not want to have anything to do with the gentle beast. Not even look at it. She buried her head in my neck and just moaned no every time she caught a glimpse of it.

The road to Edmonton was uneventful. Just outside the city we decided to look for a Red Robin to get some food we knew the girls would actually eat. The GPS sure is handy for that! Type in “red robin” near “Edmonton” and it finds them and tells you how close. RR is always a treat for the girls. The love their boogers and we had just about the kindest, sweetest, nicest waitress ever. Then it was off to find a truck wash. One was found around the corner from both the sherriff’s office and our hotel. Much money later the truck is shiny and bright again.

Unfortunately, the hotel’s elevator and pool were both out of service… fortunately they gave us an “elevator” rebate and a coupon for breakfast… unfortunately the girls couldn’t carry their bags up the stairs… fortunately it was only one (long) flight and fortunately there was a playpen so fortunately we got a reasonable night’s rest.

  • Melodies: Best of Gershwin, Chapter 3 of Alice in Wonderland, Backyardigans
  • Miles: 200 (320 km)
  • Meals: cereal & yogurt in hotel room, sandwiches at Second Cup, burgers at Red Robin
  • Meltdowns: J-0/M-0/C-2/E-1 – credit the good night’s sleep!

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