Day 5: Prairies

 Daddy is reading Robert Munsch’s I Have to Go at bedtime, where the little boy always has to pee at the most inopportune times. Whenever it happens:

  • Daddy points at Emma: Just like you. That’s what you do.
  • Emma points at Caelyn: Just like you. That’s what you do.

At the end of the book when the boy says I wet my bed :

  • Caelyn points to herself excitedly: ME! I DO!

J left for his meeting at 9:30 while the girls watched a bit of morning TV. When M was reasonably packed up and ready, we headed downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast. The food was quick and tasty. However, there was a table of Chinese men sitting on the other side eating being served dim sum by a Chinese server. Now, understand that this was not a Chinese restaurant, nor was there any dim sum on the very un-Chinese menu. E even noticed: This is a Chinese restaurant. Look, those people are Chinese. They’re eating Chinese food. It was all very peculiar but we didn’t get a chance to ask our very un-Chinese waitress about it. I wouldn’t have minded a bite of dim sum…

J came back to the hotel just as M and the girls were attempting to take all of their bags down the hall and stairs to checkout. It was rather cumbersome on our own. But Dad to the rescue! We piled (literally) into the truck and headed to the Edmonton Legislature for a stroll and snack, and to try to get a picture of the PT in front of it. There was a swearing-in ceremony on the front steps so we weren’t able to get the PT up there but the security guard seemed like he would have let us if it weren’t for that. He was a very pleasant man and let us pull up in the gated driveway for some photos. The grounds are mostly grassy with some trees and benches, perfect for a bit of ball toss and running. Then it’s back into the truck for the long haul to Saskatoon.

The drive to Saskatoon means going through Lloydminster, the only border town in Canada! It actually sits right on the border. In the middle of town are four red post which mark the provinces and are the largest border markers in the country! When you don’t have much else going for your town, you take all you can get… I’m in Alberta! No, wait, I’m in Saskatchewan! No wait, I’m provincially confused!

Although Saskatchewan is definitely flatter than Alberta, it still has some areas of rolling hills, most notably the river valley of the N. Saskatchewan. There were even some lusher looking green areas. But we have a little laugh whenever we see a sign for “ski hill” xx number of km away… you can stare all you want in that general direction, but we have yet to find those hills on the horizon. And you really can see for miles.

Dinner was in North Battleford at the casino restaurant Kihiw. The food was pretty good for the middle of nowhere. After eating we got the girls into their PJs and snuggled them in to finish watching The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything (Veggietales) – C fell asleep pretty quick. We pulled into Saskatoon at 9:30 and drove past the Police Service before getting to our hotel. Not as late of a night as previous!

Once we left the N. Saskatchewan river valley, the drive featured some exceptionally flat, yellow fields. Saskatoon sits on the S. Saskatchewan River and seems to have lot of character. We’re staying in the lovely Hotel Senator and looking forward to a bit of exploring time tomorrow.

More sayings from the girls:

John is trying to get Emma to hurry up as she unbuckles Pooh Bear from her carseat:

  • Daddy: Is there anything I can do that won’t make you have to start over?
  • Emma: You can not touch anything. That’s the plan.

Mommy is on the laptop trying to book a hotel in the truck. Caelyn, points at the laptop: TeeBee! Now! (TV! Now!)

  • Melodies: Chapter 4 of Alice in Wonderland, BarlowGirl, MoneyLife, Loni Rose, Def Leppard
  • Miles: 330 (530 km)
  • Meals: omelette & pancakes in Albert’s, snacks at the Edmonton Legislature park, Lake Diefenbacher steelhead trout and an Indian taco at the Kihiw Restaurant
  • Meltdowns: J-0/M-1/C-4/E-2 – late nights are catching up to little C…

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