Day 7: Regina

  • Emma: When you fart in the bathtub it makes water-ly bubbles!
  •  Caelyn: Ot. Bubbo. Me. (Hot. Buckle. Me.) – that means unbuckle me now!
  • Emma: When Caelyn’s out I want to be out too. I’ll get jealous. I don’t like to be jealous!

J & V had meetings all day in Regina so the ladies had another late sleep and cereal and yogurt in room for breakfast. We were just about to head out for a walk to the science centre when J showed up between meetings. So we packed up the truck and he drove us there before heading off to other meetings. We hung out and played at the Saskatoon Science Centre, “The Powerhouse of Discover” (so-called because it shares a building, a former powerhouse, with SaskPower). It was a little dates in it exhibits but very hand-on and kid friendly. It was also the middle of the day which means the school kids were on lunch break and the girls had the run of the place. They watched how to make cotton candy (and got Mommy to buy them some…) and static electricity. Fortunately they were ready for some playing and fun. Unfortunately, M was expecting there to be a restaurant (there was but it was closed indefinitely) and so hadn’t packed lunch.  So we planned on getting something at the concession. Which turned out to be only an Imax concession. So no hotdogs even. So we ended up eating the one banana we had, popcorn, Fruitopia (yuck), one of Oma’s crackers & cheeses and… that’s it.

How healthy are we? Yesterday, ice cream for lunch. Today, cotton candy and popcorn.

At any rate, the girls had a good play. J picked us up around 3:30 and we headed off to find some food. We stumbled upon the Abtractions Bistro which was a welcome little surprise. A cafe run by a sweet older man who was presumably Persian. He made us great lattes, delicious food, and even gave the girls a free hot chocolate. Then we hit the road to Winnipeg.

We stopped for gas in the middle of nowhere and there were three young guys running the place. Young! They were about 14 and country bumpkins through and through. They asked what it is and J, being in the middle of nowhere, put on the siren and the lights for them. They thought that was pretty cool. The youngest looked up at the shiny PT and said, “Gosh, I’d sure love to see the inside of that.”

“Well, sure, I’ll let you in.” Jopens a cell and they all, slack-jawed, clamour inside.

Then J locks the cell. M kindly turns on a cell light.

The kids think it’s pretty creepy in there. They sit huddled together, nervously giggling.

J eventually lets them out and they thank him and one of them says, “I don’t want to go in there again.” One of the other ones is laughing about what his dad would do if he had one.

Then J pulls a Ward Cleaver. “Well boys, keep your nose straight and you’ll never have to go in one.”

And we were off…

It was a long drive and we didn’t get in until 1am because we moved forward an hour on the way. And let’s just say that we’ve set ourselves a bad precedent by looking for hotels late in theh evening as we head into town and end up suffering the rate consequences for it. We tried to book a great rate on Hotwire but the cutoff is 11pm and the rocket stick had S-L-O-W signal out in the middle of nowhere so by the time we were trying to book it the cutoff had passed. Argh! We ended up at the Holiday Inn which was quite comfortable and in the middle of downtown.

  • Melodies: Enya, Alice in Wonderland
  • Miles: 570 (355 km)
  • Meals: cereal & yogurt in room, popcorn, cotton candy & a banana, tahini chicken wrap & pepperoni stromboli
  • Meltdowns: can’t remember, too tired…

One response

  1. How are u guys doing? sounds like you’re having a blast and seeing lots of different things. some of the pics remind me of the trip to New Orleans in ’81-same poses as you and chelsea. the weather is great here, time to get the barbecue going. we’ll celebrate birthdays and mother’s day when you get back. take care-love, Mom.

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