Day 8: Winnipeg

After getting into Winnipeg after midnight and into bed close to 2am we were exhausted! Unfortunately, J had to be up a 6am for his meetings and was planning on being gone most of the day. M has been to Winnipeg before in 2004 and was excited to return. The girls slept until about 10:30 and got ready to go exploring. Then, Daddy called! Meetings were over and he was done for the day. So we packed up the PT and headed out into town. Winnipeg is a bustling and busy city on the forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. In fact, The Forks is a lovely park, National Historic Site, and market similar to Granville Island or New West Quay. The mix of industry and warehouses, beautiful natural beauty of the park and rivers and the modernity of the city make for a cool vibe. The Legislative buildings are considered some of the most beautiful in Canada.

We had a nice time at the Forks. We had sushi for lunch (Maggie had eaten sushi there before!) and the girls wolfed down their edamame and rice. The market was a great place to pick up delicious coffee and some snacks for later including some fantastic chocolate zucchini bread and then we headed out to the river side to enjoy some sunshine and running around. There is also a cool walking bridge over one of the rivers (see pictures). We headed back to the PT, stopping into the Sweet Station which is a candy store inside of an old train car. E loves converted vehicles that offer food!

Then we piled in and headed to Ontario. We passed the CENTRE OF CANADA just before the Ontario border. Halfway across, but only 1/3 done our trip!

That is crazy.

This is uncharted territory for us. Northern Ontario is lake country. If you look on a map all you see is water. Everywhere. And no towns. Well, hardly any. Manitoba is somewhat like that too but here it’s very noticeable. We headed into Kenora without knowing how big or small of a town it is. It is pleasantly charming and has a population of about 15,000. It is marina land as it is at the top of Lake of the Wood (look on a map and see how big it really is!) We’re at a Comfort Inn with a patio door opening onto some forest where the front desk ladies said they often see deer and bears! It’s like being home J The landscape is similar here to the westcoast. All of a sudden we noticed forests of evergreens and spruce trees and lots of lakes. But – no mountains! So unfamiliar and familiar at the same time.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant called The Cornerstone and it was about the best food we’ve had on the trip so far. Citrus beef stir-fry and a yummy steak for mom dad and mom and pasta for the kids which E hovered, saying, “This is the best pasta ever! I love it!” C wouldn’t even touch it. She only ate one bit of potato and then grabbed a hunk of steak off mommy’s plate and gnawed on it, medium-rare steak juices running down here chin and hands. It was pretty funny.

On the drive into Kenora we started listening to Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre version of The Chronicles of Narnia – it is AWESOME. If you don’t have it, go get it!

  • Melodies: Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew
  • Miles: 135 (220 km)
  • Meals: cereal & yogurt in room, sushi @ Sushi Train, excellent dinner at The Cornerstone
  • Meltdowns: don’t remember anything out of the ordinary! The New Normal…

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