Day 9: Land of a Thousand Lakes

  • Daddy: Who wants to get out of the bath?
  • Caelyn: Not me!
  • Mommy: Caelyn, did you eat Emma’s vitamins?
  • Caelyn: Yeah. Not me!

 The Comfort Inn in Kenora is all the things you want in a place to stay for a quick night short of having a pool (but they do give you passes to the rec centre doewn the street!). The staff is super-friendly and helpful, the rooms are comfortable, clean, and quiet, the parking is free, the breakfast included eggs, and the internet is wireless. It may not be upscale, heritage, modern, or hip but it does the trick in a pinch. The girls slept well snuggled up to their parent of choice and J got to sleep in.

M woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep (snoring little C next to me, squirming to get closer and pushing mommy off the bed…) so she got up before everyone else but after only a few minutes a tousled little head popped up and a very softly whispered, “Hi,” came from the bed. Little c was grinning away, waiting for mommy to notice her. C’s usually completely happy when she wakes up and this was no exception. So mommy & C got up and dressed and went to have breakfast. C loves hard-boiled eggs and guess what they had for breakfast? Hard-boiled eggs. She was very happy and walked around with her egg in a cup for all to see. We finished eating then brought coffee and a bagel for dad and E still snoozing away.

After packing up we hit the longest leg(s) of our trip. From Kenora to Timmins is something like 20 hours, with another 9 or so to Ottawa. Luckily, we’ve got Narnia! Today’s drive literally flew by because of it. E slept through some of it but we finished The Magician’s Nephew and moved onto The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and had to explain to her how the characters had changed. She kept asking for more Polly & Diggory in the Popsicles Of Narnia.

I’m not making this up!

We stopped for lunch in Dryden and as you enter town the dominating skyline is the gigantic paper mill, Domtar, on the mouth of the river leading into the huge Wabigoon Lake. We ate and played in Cooper Park, which is across the river from the mill. Mommy did some yoga, the girls played some soccer, Daddy tried both soccer and yoga and decided that soccer was more his thing. Then we packed back up for the drive to Thunder Bay. We pulled in around 8pm as we moved forward another hour and had dinner at Moxie’s.

Oh yea, it’s Saturday night in Thunder Bay! The place was hopping. Luckily, most of the hopping was on the bar and lounge side so we were relatively alone on the restaurant side. Which was good because what happens to little girls who sleep in a truck all day? The go LOOPY.

So now it’s 11:15 and we’re in our hotel and they are not sleepy. At all…

Daddy is showing Emma how to do a maze on the Moxie’s kids colouring page:

  • Emma: Why do we have to stay in the live ends? (and not go in the dead ends)


  • Melodies: Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew, Ultra Trance, Alice in Wonderland, MoneyLife
  • Miles: 310 miles (500 km)
  • Meals: continental at the Comfort Inn, picnic lunch in Dryden, snacks on the road, beef vindaloo & enchiladas @ Moxie’s
  • Meltdowns: J-1/M-1/E-2/C-3

One response

  1. I just checked your blog for the first time, and realized I’m way behind reading it already. I love your meltdown meter! 🙂 It does look like you’re having fun, and I love your story about John and the Saskathewan youth at the gas station. I could totally picture it.

    Give the girls a hug and kiss from Auntie Lisa. I’ll have to show Carl the pics of the girls. Miss you guys! Take care!

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