Day 10 – Lake Superior

We slept in and missed church & breakfast… what’s the point of booking hotels that include breakfast if you don’t eat it? At least the girls used the pool this morning with dad. Except it was cold. And there wasn’t a hottub so C was miserable and E only jumped in a few times before climbing into the sauna. Which C LOVED and E the Drama Queen panted and squirmed and acted like she was suffocating. So they got out and we packed up headed to Java Hut for all-day breakfast. And it was delicious! C is ab it of a non-foodie at the moment and refusing to eat much of anything anywhere. E is eating like a champion. I’m sure it will all switch in a few days, E refusing to eat and C inhaling anything…

We left Thunder Bay and set-off on the long drive to Timmins. We’re taking the route along the shore of Lake Superior. It feels vaguely familiar, as the terrain is woody, rocky, and watery. Rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and plenty of … water! (it’s an Arrogant Worms song). The lake is MASSIVE. It’s hard to really understand how big it is because there are a lot of islands and bays so we can almost always see another shore. We drove to Terrace Bay and the girls SLEPT THE WHOLE WAY again. On the way we listened to a sermon from Rev. Wieske (it was very good) and some music from Jamie Soles. In Terrace Bay we had a picnic lunch at the school playground and played for awhile before piling back in the PT.

Then we turned on Narnia and immersed ourselves in the world of Lucy, Edmond, Susan, and Peter. It really is a great way to pass the time. Because time is all we have to pass on this looooooooooooooooooong drive around Lake Superior. Except E asks a hundred questions a minutes about the story. No kidding, we have to pause it every few seconds to answer her. Questions about the witch, Aslan, Mr Tumbleness (Tumnus), where the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve are, why the bad creatures want to kill Aslan, did they eat Aslan, why didn’t they eat Aslan, and how the Jesus-lion-Aslan is the king, and the witch is not really the queen but a bad witch, and where is the good queen, why isn’t it Christmas, who is Father Christmas… should I go on? The girls are nothing short of fabulous travellers. They play together, read books, chat, sing, sleep. They hardly fuss in their seats at all. Once in awhile C will cry out, “Bubbo! (buckle)” and try to escape. E will comment that she’s tired of driving. But really, overall, they are awesome.

We stopped for a few minutes in the town of White River which is the origin of none other than Winnie-the-Pooh, or at least the bear cub which inspired A.A. Milne’s stories. The girls were pretty excited to see the big statue of Pooh bear, E proudly posing with her own beloved, beat-up Pooh Bear. There was a huge playground too which was a great place for a stretch. Then back in the car for more Narnia and more driving. We’ve seen a few moose on the way today. There was one on the other side of the road that took off into the woods when we drove by; a dead one on the side of the road; and one out in a lake swimming. When we turned around to get a picture of that one it was gone. We stopped in Wawa for dinner and to change the girls into their PJs.

Then it was FOUR MORE HOURS until Timmins.

The girls watched The Wizard of Has (Veggietales) on the way to Timmins and fell asleep finally. We saw some animals in the dark – two more moose, a black bear and a lynx. At least that’s what we thought they were as we zoomed by in the dark. Sometimes we had the PT’s scene lights on, which light up the sides and rear of the truck with bright white light.

Oh wait, white light on the back of a vehicle means it’s backing up.

Except we weren’t backing up.

Which is why we got pulled over about 40 minutes out of Timmins on the long, bumpy, dark 101 in the middle of nowhere. We’re not sure how long the cops were following us but it couldn’t have been long because we had only recently passed an animal. So the cops wanted to know why we had our lights on, where we were going and what we were going to do there. They told us the side scene lights were a good idea but the rear ones made them think we were backing up. They knew it was a PT right away but couldn’t figure out why it was from BC. Then they saw the kids and that seemed to corroborate our wild story. They were quite nice about the whole thing and told us to get those kids in bed (with a smile).

So we arrived at our hotel at 1am (C full on smiles because the cop had shined her flashlight in her sleeping face by accident and woke her up) but she fell asleep no problem. She actually got made when mom put her in the opposite bed of E. She cried and pointed, “em-ma.” In bed with E, she snuggled up and fell asleep! One more long drive tomorrow, after J’s meeting and a walk in downtown Timmins, pop. 45,000.

  •  • Melodies: Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Jamie Soles, Rev. Wieske, the Best of Swing, Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman
  •  • Miles: 505 miles (815 km)
  •  • Meals: all-day breakfast at Java Hut in TB, picnic in Terrace Bay, pizza & gyros in Wawa
  •  • Meltdowns: J-0/M-0/E-1/C-1 – lots of sleep and food makes people happy

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